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Water Pollution

Water Pollution

No doubt one of the biggest problems facing many people today (whether developed or underdeveloped, although it is true that I have never liked this term) is water pollution.

Mainly because as we know, water is virtually essential for life, and so the contamination can be very negative for both economic and social development of the people or communities living close to the polluted site.

It is true, as argued by many experts, the water pollution caused by human activities is an important environmental phenomenon, which begins to produce since the first attempts of industrialization, to transform it into a problem as common as widespread.

For the start of the one called industrial revolution in the early nineteenth century, the production processes of this period required the use of a large amount of water for processing raw materials, while effluent production processes such discharges were then in natural water channels, with their waste pollutants concerned. Read the rest of this entry »