Isolated India is the Most vulnerable

Isolated India is the Most vulnerableIn recent years there have been dozens of meetings between Mashco-isolated Indians, tourists and settlers along the edge of the Reserve Madre de Dios in southeastern Peru. Tourists traveling through the area and photographing indigenous clothing leave them along the banks of the river, thereby triggering fears that all “human safaris” to spread through the region.

As stated in a press release FENAMAD president, Klaus Quicque: “It is time for the authorities to implement practical measures and stop so many meetings to develop protocols, standards. Isolates are already out and the Peruvian authorities do not say anything. “

For all uncontested Peru are being forced to flee their homes in the Amazon as cocaine traffickers, loggers and oil companies invading their land.

A group of uncontested Indians, who apparently crossed the border from Peru to Brazil and established contact, starred international headlines earlier this month after filming the Brazilian authorities for the first time some members of the tribe.

Isolated Indians are the most vulnerable people on the planet. Entire populations are being wiped out by violence by outsiders who snatch their land and resources, and diseases such as influenza and measles, against which they have no immunity. Several members of the tribe quickly contacted recently contracted respiratory diseases. Continue reading

Resources and Tourism Products Subject to Market

Resources and Tourism Products Subject to MarketIt is true that a person can not see or perceive, not valued and therefore is not the real value and purpose of a resource or natural heritage, but to know and be able to communicate effectively know, at certain public and the smarter way to bring satisfaction.

But long before this can happen, keep in mind that we must convince our potential demand that our resources are really exceptional, you really will be able to see, feel and experience something they can not do the same in other locations.

Ever have thought, as sites with relatively little natural or cultural value, but with a cleverly developed offer, have a great success, versus other places much more objective value, but with little or poorly structured deal, and they are visited only not repeated?

It is true that visitors do not have much spare time on your vacation time and this time a hard time, so that increasingly require greater efficiency in their views and expect a convenience that allows them an easy and understandable access to all what has been promised and imagined.

There is a trend in the tourism, the most opposed to all inclusive which sells the most basic product, cheaper (very typical in rural tourism) but the traveler to stay almost always frustrated, because then discover a large range activities, which you can not access as a matter of price, effort, assessment, etc. and therefore only enjoyed 10% of the potential of the area and that visit. Continue reading

Plan Protection against environmental stewards species

Plan Protection against environmental stewards speciesThe axis of Environment and Biodiversity Framework is included in the management of social projects carried out by the company, which also operates in access energy, education and training, social development and quality of life, and humanitarian aid.

Endesa states that considered inseparable element of their business work actively contribute to the development of the communities and environments in which it operates, through various social projects. For the Environment and Biodiversity, social projects that promote voluntary disclosure, conservation, recycling, reclamation and improvement of the environment in general and biodiversity in particular for the conservation and improvement of the environment are carried out communities.

In Spain, highlights the agreement signed since 2012 with the Brown Bear Foundation for the dissemination of environmental education, facilitating the coexistence of a viable population of bears with social and economic development of the area. It also provides support for a program of sustainable rural development.

In addition, the company has signed agreements with various associations to protect particularly endangered species such as the Life project, which since 2005 funded actions to reduce or eliminate the risk of collision and electrocution of birds on power lines. Continue reading

How to Use Quality of Natural Resources

How to Use Quality of Natural ResourcesThrough the Andalusian Environmental Training Plan, a total of 20 free courses with seats 515 to promote a stable and quality employment linked to the natural resources of Andalusia.

This initiative, co-financed by the Operational Programme of the European Social Fund, is organized around three training lines: the first dedicated to the management of natural areas and biodiversity conservation; the second focused on urban sustainability and climate change; and a third block, specifically designed for professionals environmental education, as he explained in a note the Board.

In the first of these sections will be offered in the coming months courses on ‘Mycorrhizae: edible fungus and restore potential habitats for mycological use’ (Cordoba), ‘Cultivation of saprophytic fungi’ (Cordoba), ‘Marketing of edible mushrooms ‘(Cordoba),’ geotourism Guide natural areas’ (Almería) and ‘Marketing ecotourism’ (Huelva).

Meanwhile, the environmental training program on urban sustainability and climate change will focus on actions related to adaptation and mitigation of climate change, environmental quality and prevention and sustainable urban management. The courses are organized in this section called ‘Green Systems Sewage Treatment’ (Sevilla) and ‘Environmental Information and urban sustainability’ (Malaga). Continue reading

Participation is Important to the Survival of the World’s Geopark

Participation is important to the survival of the world's GeoparkThe Government Delegation in Sevilla notes that on behalf of the Geopark has attended the Conservative-park director Antonino Sanz, who participates in the meeting of the committee that the steps taken in recent months to discuss face achieving an initiative ‘Unesco Geopark’, as well as evaluation of new nominations European Geoparks and periodic revalidation of various Geoparks that are currently members of the Network.

The Sierra Norte de Sevilla Natural Park, which joined the World and European Geoparks Network in September 2011, and revalidate their membership of the European Network next year 2015, has been working since its incorporation in the “revitalization” of business initiatives related to geological, cultural and environmental tourism.

Cooperation between administrations and social agents in the area, retrieval and dissemination of geological, ethnographic and cultural heritage of the Geopark, and improving the information infrastructure and the public by a space also includes numerous forms of protection such as a biosphere reserve or forms part of the Natura 2000 network.

The main objective of the European Geoparks Network is the protection of geological heritage and promoting sustainable development of territories as well, Geoparks have an active role in economic development, linking the geological heritage and development of geotourism with a direct impact on the area influencing the lives of its inhabitants and their environment.

Keeping the Environment resources for Welfare

Keeping the environment resources for welfareThe Minister of Agriculture, Rural Development, Environment and Energy Extremadura, Jose Antonio Echavarri, said will be a “definitive answer” to the request to include plum between crops to be supported to alleviate the effects of the Russian veto on European goods.

Echavarri explained that there is a “problem” with the plum and the existing stock is “important”, but has also clarified that the consumer “not only” is Russian, but there are other countries that have reduced their orders for plum a culture of Extremadura is leading domestic production.

Echavarri noted that Spain has sought allies on this front, and that “for now” has the support of France, Italy, Hungary, Portugal and Poland. Thus, in the event that finally plum between products with aid is not included, it has opted for the implementation of other measures, among which highlighted the plans of the Ministry of Agriculture on promotion of consumption and diversification points exports, which is “what is working”.

In any case, he defended the role of the authorities in Spain, where it believes it has reacted “quickly” at the beginning of the crisis caused by the veto.

It has also advanced than September 3 has convened a meeting at which the Minister and the regional directors of the branch will analyze the situation of the products affected by the Russian veto, and after hearing the definitive list of the products that receive measures compensatory. Continue reading

Geological Unique heritage of the Area of a country

Geological unique heritage of the area of a countryEvaluate the periodic revalidation of natural areas that are members of the Network, the new applications and the steps taken in recent months towards achieving a UNESCO Geoparks initiative, he explained in a statement the department headed by Maria Jesus Serrano.

One of the priority objectives of the Global Geoparks Network is now closer ties with Unesco to become an official initiative of the Agency. To achieve an essential boost in promoting Geoparks that would strengthen policies to promote employment, development and conservation in these areas would be achieved.

These spaces, sponsored by UNESCO and recognized by the European Geoparks Network (EGN) are those areas that have a unique geological heritage (scientific quality, rarity, aesthetic and educational values) and a strategy for sustainable development around geodiversity housing. One of the conditions to be met is to support environmental education and the development of scientific research in natural sciences, thereby improving environmental policies and sustainable development. Note that these places as well as being part of the geological heritage, must have archaeological, ecological, historical and cultural interest.

In the case of Andalusia, Geoparks coincide with areas already declared as a Natural Park, Special Areas of Conservation (SACs) and Special Protection Areas for Birds (SPAs) belonging to the Natura 2000 network, therefore, these spaces have instruments management to ensure the conservation of environmental values and focus on supporting local development of the regions where they are located. Continue reading